Air compressors are a versatile piece of infrastructure

You might imagine inflating your car or bike tires or powering an nail gun when you think of air compressors. But did you know these handy machines are essential in some surprising industries?

Take the beverage industry. Imagine a can of beer or a soft drink. Compressed air has had more than one influence in bringing the product to life and into your life. Whether it’s blowing ingredients into hoppers, aerating mixtures, operating machinery for bottling, canning, or even packaging, beverage manufacturers are heavily reliant on compressed air for several roles in the process.

Crafting carbonated drinks, including beer, soft drinks, and mixed spirit drinks, involves infusing liquids with carbon dioxide—a task where compressed air systems prove indispensable. They power refrigeration units, and these versatile machines are engaged in the cleaning and sterilisation. Pneumatic systems powered by air compressors remove debris, bacteria, and other contaminants from production areas.

So next time you enjoy your favourite Bevie, you’ll likely benefit from the unsung heroics of air compressors.

Breathing life into the old

Next time you visit your cherished art gallery, you’ll no doubt gaze upon a masterpiece that has had a level of restoration done to it before being displayed. You might picture delicate brushes and intricate tools gently traversing the canvas, filling in lost pieces or faded pigments. After all, there is a romance in viewing a painting or sculpture.

It is not widely known, but air compressors serve multiple uses in art restoration and are commonplace. Coupled with high pressure nozzles air compressors remove dust and contaminants from ancient sculptures and priceless paintings and power specialised airbrushes designed for the subtle application of restoration materials. They aid in the removal of old varnish and layers of paint from surfaces. This process often involves a delicate balance, as applying too much pressure can damage the original work beneath. Air compressors, with their adjustable pressure settings, provide the perfect solution by offering a controlled and uniform airflow.

Air compressors are instrumental in conserving larger artworks such as murals and outdoor sculptures. Restoration experts often use mobile air compressor units to clean and maintain these artworks on-site.

Art restoration projects using air compressors have increased by 25%. Much of this increase is due to their portability and the fact that pneumatic tools powered by air compressors are 50% more efficient than electric tools, creating measurable energy savings. The humble air compressor is standard in most studios and museums where restoration work is typical. Who would have thought?

Ensuring vital oxygen supply for aquatic life

Maintaining the right levels of oxygen is crucial for the health and well-being of aquatic life in large commercial aquariums and fish farms. This is where air compressors step in. Powering aeration systems ensures a consistent supply of oxygen, creating a stable and habitable environment for fish and other marine creatures.

One of the primary benefits of using air compressors for aeration is their efficiency. Unlike traditional methods that can be labour-intensive and costly, compressed air systems can deliver oxygen consistently and effectively, reaching even the deepest parts of large tanks. This helps maintain water quality and supports fish’s metabolic needs, leading to better growth rates and overall health.

Air compressors are versatile and can be tailored to suit various tank sizes and requirements. From giant aquariums housing thousands of marine species to specialised fish farms focusing on breeding, the adaptability of air compressors makes them invaluable. So, next time you find yourself marveling at an aquarium’s crystal-clear waters and thriving marine life, remember there’s probably an air compressor working behind the scenes.

Air compressors and our health system

Diverse team of surgeons performing surgery on patient in hospital operating room

You’ll find air compressors in most medical settings from density to hospital surgeries and medical facilities.

Air compressors power drills, polishers, and other essential dental devices. They are also crucial in powering ventilators, which provide life-saving respiratory support to patients who are unable to breathe on their own. During surgeries, a range of pneumatic tools are powered by air compressors. From saws and drills to other precision instruments, these tools require the clean, dependable air supply that compressors provide.

A sterile environment is essential in medical settings, including operating rooms and ICUs. Air compressors take up the slack, delivering medical-grade oxygen and ensuring patients receive the highest quality air possible.

Beyond direct patient care, air compressors contribute significantly to healthcare facilities’ overall efficiency. They are employed in various maintenance tasks, such as inflating tires for hospital transport vehicles, powering HVAC systems to ensure optimal climate control, and aiding in routine equipment cleaning and sterilisation.

These are just a few examples of where air compressors make a difference. They also contribute to many other industries, including the textile industry, aerospace manufacturing, car washes, metal fabricating, and mining. Air compressors are one of the most versatile and efficient power sources for a broad range of applications.

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Air Compressor Products

From air compressors to compressed air storagetreatment and distribution, our extensive range of compressed air products ensures we have the right solution for your business needs, no matter the industry or application. We also offer custom-built packages and compressed air systems that are fit for purpose and tailored to your budget.

Pilot PAC Industrial 4-5.5KW Rotary Screw Mounted Receiver
Pilot PAC Industrial 4-5.5KW Rotary Screw Mounted Receiver

Enjoy simple and efficient maintenance with the Pilot PAC Industrial 4-5.5KW Rotary Screw Mounted Receiver air compressor, with easily accessible internal components. The poly-v belt driven system offers long life and minimum maintenance.

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Pilot PAC Industrial 7.5-11-15KW Rotary Screw Mounted and Dryer
Pilot PAC Industrial 7.5-11-15KW Rotary Screw Mounted and Dryer

The poly-v belt driven system offers long life and minimum maintenance, while the cooling system has a thermally controlled independent radial fan that ensures constant air and oil temperatures, even during heavy working conditions.

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Pilot PAC Industrial 4-5.5KW Rotary Screw Mounted & Dryer
Pilot PAC Industrial 4-5.5KW Rotary Screw Mounted & Dryer

Enjoy simple and efficient maintenance with the Pilot PAC Industrial 4-5.5KW Rotary Screw Mounted air compressor and dryer, with easily accessible internal components. The poly-v belt driven system offers long life and minimum maintenance.

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