Complete compressed air solutions

We provide complete compressed air solutions, including air storage, treatment and distribution. For industrial applications, it is wise to choose a comprehensive solution, customised to your industry needs, is scalable and future-proofs your investment.

Most of Pilot Air’s commercial and industrial customers come to us via referral, and it’s generally when their current system is lagging in performance, experiencing increasing and costly maintenance and unacceptable downtime, or just isn’t powerful enough to meet growing demand.

Other reasons stem from poor energy efficiency, lack of digital integration and inadequate infrastructure, including air storage, air treatment and air distribution systems to support the air compressor assets.

Highest-quality accessory equipment

Pilot Air’s industrial grade air compressors are supported by the highest quality accessory equipment pioneered by Pilot Air and manufactured in-house to seamlessly integrate with our range of rotary screw and reciprocating air compressors.

Vertical compressed air storage tanks from 150L to 1000L capacity and horizontally formatted compressed air storage tanks from 45L up to 500L are perfect for industrial applications. Each storage tank solution has an industrial-grade enamel finish, is compliant with AS1210 and comes with the manufacturer’s data report.

Each storage tank comes with a safety valve, a pressure gauge and manual condensate drain and is Workcover NSW design registered as standard.

Rated for Australian conditions, with a flow rate based on an ambient temperature of 35°C, Pilot Air’s TDF range of industrial refrigerated compressed air dryers comes fitted with the efficient ALU-DRY heat exchanger, high-efficiency compressors, hot gas bypass valve and low-pressure drop. These advanced units offer a cost-effective solution, with reduced downtime, lower equipment maintenance costs, reduced energy consumption, upgraded electronic control panel, condensate drain and improved product finish.

Full-cycle industrial solutions for large applications

Pilot Air stocks a full air treatment and distribution hardware inventory. Our genuine air filters include an 0.01-micron air filter range to protect compressed air control systems and as post-filters for absorption dryers. The 1-micron air filter prevents the deterioration of pipes and surface treatment in vacuum pump exhausts, compressed air motors and as pre-filters for absorption dryers.

The 3-micron air filter installed on the inlet of the dryer is ideal for pre-filter use for online filters for vacuum pumps’ pneumatic blowing parts and the activated carbon air filter used in various industries, including pharmaceutical and dental applications, and packaging and galvanic treatments.

Our technicians will undertake a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of your needs using the latest software technology. We’ll design, manufacture, install and commission a complete compressed air solution backed by a maintenance schedule that keeps your investment working as hard as you do.

We leave nothing to chance, and our after-sales service ensures your business’s compressed air is set up right the first time and for a long time.

Personalised service that guarantees results

At Pilot Air, we back our air compressor solutions with premium service. From the initial consultation to the finished installation, our team is on hand to attend to every detail.

You deal with the same person from start to completion, and our account managers and sales team are some of the most experienced and trusted in the industry.

When you are in the market for a complete compressed air solution that is backed by Australia’s most trusted brand, contact us today and experience the Pilot Air difference.


Air Compressor Products

Our extensive range of compressed air products ensures we have the right solution for your business needs, no matter the industry or application. We also offer custom-built packages and compressed air systems that are fit for purpose and tailored to your budget.

Pilot 3100150 Vertical Compressed Air Storage Tank
Pilot 3100150 Vertical Compressed Air Storage Tank

Finished in industrial grade enamel, the Pilot 3100150 Vertical Compressed Air Storage Tank is manufactured to AS1210 and provided with the manufacturer’s data report. Supplied as standard with safety valve.

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Pilot K25L18 Horizontal 3 Phase Reciprocating
Pilot K25L18 Horizontal 3 Phase Reciprocating

The Pilot K25L18 Horizontal 3 Phase Reciprocating air compressor is built with high performance and heavy-duty componentry, twin cast iron cylinder and Italian made pump to ensure reliability and longevity.

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Pilot K30SI Silent 415V Reciprocating
Pilot K30SI Silent 415V Reciprocating

The Pilot K30SI Silent 415V Reciprocating system is part of the industrial silent air compressors range.

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