Compressed air industrial solutions

We manufacture compressed air industrial solutions in Australia for Australian conditions. Pilot Air leads the industrial market for quality and service.

We manufacture, install, commission and service high-performance air compressor solutions and auxiliary equipment to industrial customers all over Australia – built to last, renowned for reliability and backed by Pilot Air’s superior service and maintenance divisions.

High performance rotary screw air compressors

Pilot Air’s industrial customers demand superior efficiency and outstanding performance from their compressed air solutions. These two factors are primary drivers of the success of Pilot Air’s fleet of rotary screw air compressors. The Pilot PAC industrial range has been a stalwart of the industrial sector for decades.

The range features sizes from 4.5-5kW up to 75kW. You can mount the air receivers and dryers to the unit, and all have advanced electronic controllers as standard. The poly-v belt-driven system offers long life and minimum maintenance, and the cooling system has a thermally controlled independent radial fan that ensures constant air and oil temperatures, even during heavy working conditions.

State-of-the-art ALTA TEC variable speed air compressor

Industrial and commercial operations require energy-efficient infrastructure to remain competitive. Pilot Air’s ALTA-TEC industrial air compressors come fitted with the latest energy-saving technology. As demand increases and decreases, our units adjust their motor speed and output to match. They consume less power when the demand for compressed air is low, resulting in significant energy savings compared to fixed-speed compressors.

A key advantage to the variable speed models is their short response time to changes in air demand.

This is particularly beneficial for applications that require precise pressure control and consistent air quality. The ALTA-TEC range has the newest direct drive and variable speed (with inverter drive), ensuring a reliable source of compressed air with minimal pressure fluctuations.

The ALTA-TEC variable speed compressors adapt seamlessly to varying production needs and fluctuations in air demand. Their flexibility is precious in facilities with changing production schedules or seasonal demand variations. They allow for efficient operation under high and low-demand conditions, optimising the compressors’ utilisation.

Pilot Air ALTA-TEC range features remote monitoring (on demand) – via GSM, GPRS, Ethernet or Wi-Fi module. The optional Service Management System (SMS 2.0) device allows operators and service centres to remotely control and perform preventive maintenance checks on screw compressors equipped with ETIV controller. Other information and settings have remote access to safeguard the system’s reliability.

Customised for your specifications

At Pilot Air, our customisation capability creates significant value for our customers in today’s competitive business landscape. We enable customers to tailor their compressed air solutions to meet specific needs and preferences, fostering added innovation and adaptability. We can modify our solutions to align with shifting customer demands, ensuring they remain relevant and competitive.

Pilot Air encourages customer collaboration and co-creation, enabling a deeper understanding of their requirements.

This collaborative approach leads to developing new, innovative solutions that meet evolving market needs, ultimately driving long-term business success.

Our team is technically qualified to deliver scalable solutions that enable businesses to plan and forecast with certainty. Our team members are digital natives and advanced problem solvers who understand business systems and the importance of working with the operation to service their particular operation’s demands.

Personalised service that guarantees results

At Pilot Air, we back our air compressor solutions with premium service. From the initial consultation to the finished installation, our team is on hand to attend to every detail.

You deal with the same person from start to completion, and our account managers and sales team are some of the most experienced and trusted in the industry.