Pilot Air solves compressed air problems

Pilot Air solves compressed air problems for diverse customers – the hospitality industry, agriculture, medical and large industrial projects.

We deliver sustainable compressed air solutions that save our customers time and money through energy efficiencies and long life-cycle compressed air infrastructure.

Night Sky Stones

Night Sky Stones is a stoneware company that shapes, crafts and installs granite, marble and quartz surfaces for domestic and commercial purposes. With over 40 years of combined experience, the business is one of Sydney’s most trusted in commercial and domestic kitchen installations.

The business engaged Pilot Air to solve two problems. Firstly, the air compressor system was too noisy and disturbed their neighbours. Secondly, the existing system could not keep up with the increase in demand and was under performing.

Our team undertook a diagnostic assessment of the site, capacity, forecast growth and the issue of noise reduction. The analysis was critical to the solution strategy by providing valuable insights supporting consumption, demand, energy usage and noise pollution.

The Pilot Air team installed a customised PAC 15 system and included a Pilot model TFD22 refrigerated air dryer to ensure the compressed air system was clean and dry.

The solution enabled the Night Sky Stones crew to ramp up their manufacturing capability and forecast demand, with new confidence in their compressed air infrastructure. The silent operation of the PAC 15 air compressor system solved the noise issues for the business, and they could continue working at the existing site without disruption to neighbouring businesses.

Crystal Car Wash

Crystal Car Wash is a long-term client of Pilot Air, and Pilot Air has been part of their evolution since they opened their first car wash in Sydney. The car wash now boasts an impressive 15 locations spread throughout Sydney, servicing thousands of cars daily and hundreds of canine pets with its established dog wash facilities.

Pilot Air has been instrumental in custom manufacturing and installing fit-for-purpose compressed air solutions across Sydney for the business. These are high-demand and high-volume users within tight spatial footprints, and the Pilot Air team is acutely aware of the requirement for size, reliability and longevity of the compressed air infrastructure and that some sites are located in noise-sensitive locations.

Pilot Air’s 7.5 Kw rotary screw-type unit is the ideal system for this client. We ensure a consistent and scheduled maintenance roster for each car wash site, keeping each operation working 27/7 with minimal downtime.

Crystal Care Wash is focused on quality, affordability and service. Dealing directly with the team means they can resolve any issues quickly and maintain beneficial relationships that continue to deliver value over the long term.


Pilot Air’s work with Opticare showcases our versatility and customisation expertise. Over three decades, Opticare has grown into one of Australia’s most trusted brands and the go-to lens specialists for optometrists, dispensers, practice owners and other professionals in optometry.

Opticare experienced a great deal of frustration with the original compressed air system and after investing significant time, resources and expenditure in trying to resolve the issues, the business turned to Pilot Air to customise a workable solution.

Using advanced software diagnostics, the Pilot Air team undertook a site audit and assessment and found the current provider had not correctly specified the compressed air equipment to meet the pressure requirements of their pneumatic equipment.

Pilot Air specified a Pilot Model PAC 18.5KW unit and ensured it met the correct pressure requirements.

This specification resolved their compressed air system requirements overnight and eliminated all the issues of their ongoing compressed air problems.

Pilot Air takes the time to diagnose each client’s specific needs and customise compressed air solutions that enable the business to work at its optimum with superior confidence in its compressed air infrastructure.

When your business relies on compressed air, compromising on quality ends in more significant expense later.

It is essential that the compressed air solution is fit for purpose and has built scalability and technology to grow and meet increased demands and changing environments. Pilot Air is driven to provide commercial and industrial compressed air solutions. With over four decades of experience in large scale installations and working across a broad range of industries, our expertise and capabilities are highly regarded.

We work with each customer to find the best solution for their unique requirements. Using state of the art diagnostic equipment and technology, we identify the pain points and resolve them for the long term.

Our team is technically qualified to deliver scalable solutions that enable businesses to plan and forecast with certainty. We are tightly integrated, with digital natives and advanced problem solvers who understand business systems and the importance of working with the operation to service their particular operation’s demands fully.

Personalised service that guarantees results

At Pilot Air, we back our air compressor solutions with premium service. From the initial consultation to the finished installation, our team is on hand to attend to every detail.

You deal with the same person from start to completion, and our account managers and sales team are some of the most experienced and trusted in the industry.


Air Compressor Products

Our extensive range of compressed air products ensures we have the right solution for your business needs, no matter the industry or application. We also offer custom-built packages and compressed air systems that are fit for purpose and tailored to your budget.

Pilot PAC Industrial 18.5-22KW Rotary Screw
Pilot PAC Industrial 18.5-22KW Rotary Screw

Enjoy simple and efficient maintenance with the Pilot PAC Industrial 18.5-22KW Rotary Screw air compressor, with easily accessible internal components. The poly-v belt driven system offers long life and minimum maintenance.

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Pilot TFD22  Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer System
Pilot TFD22 Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer System

The Pilot TFD22 Refrigerated Compressed Air Treatment System offers an easy-to-read differential pressure gauge or indicator to monitor the filter element performance (if installed).

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Pilot PAC Industrial 7.5-11-15KW Rotary Screw Mounted Receiver
Pilot PAC Industrial 7.5-11-15KW Rotary Screw Mounted Receiver

Enjoy simple and efficient maintenance with the Pilot PAC Industrial 7.5-11-15KW Rotary Screw Mounted Receiver air compressor, with easily accessible internal components. The poly-v belt driven system offers long life and minimum maintenance.

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