Pilot Air’s 360-degree service and design

Pilot Air’s 360-degree service and design capability ensures our customers receive qualified and onshore air compressor service and design. Our NSW and Queensland facilities employ a leading team of engineers and service technicians.

Supported by our state-of-the-art facilities in NSW and QLD, our engineers and service technicians dedicate themselves exclusively to designing, manufacturing and maintaining our expansive inventory of air compressors and related equipment.

Our onshore internal team mitigates the necessity to outsource design and servicing functions, conferring several strategic advantages to our customers.

Engagement with our internal design, service and maintenance teams translates into quantifiable cost and time savings. Without the reliance on third-party services, we mitigate cost-related challenges associated with outsourcing maintenance tasks. Our team members excel in project management with pinpoint accuracy and transparency, reducing downtime and logistical intricacies and ultimately fostering enhanced project completion timelines.

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Flexible and real-time adaptation

The added flexibility and ability to make real-time adaptation decisions within the project scope have proven invaluable, particularly when custom-designing air compressor solutions.

Direct collaboration with our internal design team empowers customers, while our manufacturing and maintenance division remains informed about any intricate changes influencing their scope of work. This direct line of communication fosters lean and streamlined processes from project initiation to completion.

Our direct control over the quality of design, manufacturing and servicing operations underscores our commitment to the highest standards and consistency in delivering compressed air solutions. Over our 40-year history, we have cultivated an enviable reputation, ensuring that quality control remains pivotal to the success of any Pilot Air installation project. Our hands-on, in-house approach enables us to surpass customer expectations, providing solutions of unparalleled quality.

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Rapid problem resolution

Our onshore capability ensures that we respond swiftly to address any issues. Our qualified decision-makers ensure prompt problem resolution, instil complete confidence in our products and after-sales service, and foster enduring and mutually beneficial customer relationships.

Direct maintenance and servicing enable us to offer personalised attention. By providing services onshore and locally, we create greater efficiencies, reducing the time required to address issues and complete maintenance tasks. Our in-house model heightens accountability, eliminating intermediaries and increasing customer satisfaction.

Our direct control and oversight of service and design ensures the quality of work performed. Our customers benefit from direct access to their projects, real-time updates and a level of transparency impossible with many of our competitors.

Having in-house and onshore service and design capabilities has proven a significant advantage to our industrial, commercial and agricultural customers. The ability to speak directly to decision-makers and receive qualified and professional feedback is a collaborative and consultative process where the information is accurate, eliminating guesswork and miscommunication. In frantic 24/7 operations, this level of service is integral to the operational integrity of many customers’ businesses.

For a customised onshore solution contact us

Pilot Air offers the unique capability to customise industrial air compressor solutions. We use data-driven analysis to present solutions that future-proof your operation.

Our team works with you from inception to installation, providing high-quality onshore backup service. As a family-owned business with over 40 years of delivering industrial air compressor solutions across Australia, our priority is business relationships.

Our team is technically qualified to deliver scalable solutions that enable businesses to plan and forecast with certainty. Our people are digital natives and advanced problem solvers who understand business systems and the importance of working with the operation to service their particular operation’s demands. Contact us today.

Air Compressor Products

Our extensive range of compressed air products ensures we have the right solution for your business needs, no matter the industry or application. We also offer custom-built packages and compressed air systems that are fit for purpose and tailored to your budget.

K17/Duplex/2.2 KW
K17/Duplex/2.2 KW

The Pilot K17/Duplex/2.2 KW compressor is specially designed for sites where no 3-phase power is available. It is built with high performance and heavy-duty componentry to ensure reliability and longevity.

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Pilot 300100 Horizontal Compressed Air Storage Tank
Pilot 300100 Horizontal Compressed Air Storage Tank

Finished in industrial grade enamel, the Pilot 300100 Horizontal Compressed Air Storage Tank is manufactured to AS1210 and provided with the manufacturer’s data report. Supplied as standard with safety valve.

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Pilot ALTA-TEC Industrial 7.5 Variable Speed Rotary Screw
Pilot ALTA-TEC Industrial 7.5 Variable Speed Rotary Screw

The Pilot ALTA-TEC Industrial 7.5 Variable Speed Rotary Screw air compressor features remote monitoring (on demand) - via GSM, GPRS, Ethernet or WiFi module - for online compressor status, remote assistance, connection with PC, smartphone and tablet, and connection between neighbour compressors.

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