Quickline Technopolymer Fittings

Pilot Air Quickline accessories are designed specifically for the Quickline Air Delivery System. Spanners and deburrers make installation even easier, while brackets are designed to accommodate pipe movement with expansion and contraction. Expansion hoses compensate for expansion and contraction in a larger delivery system, resulting in no potential air leaks in the long term.

  • Tools, brackets and expansion hoses
  • No air leaks
  • Designed specifically for Quickline system


    Pilot Air Quickline accessories are part of the Quickline Air Delivery System, which sets the benchmark for compressed air delivery. Highly efficient and cost-effective, this system features smart, Italian designed components.

    Quickline is manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality System

    In addition they have the following certifications:

    • T.S.S.A.
    • RINA
    • Qualicoat
    • Henkel
    • TUV

    10 Year Warranty

    In line with the high quality of the products, Pilotair offer a 10 year warranty against any defective materials in the Fittings and Aluminium pipes.