Pilot Silent Reciprocating Complete Receiver mounted “Ready To Go” Packages

Pilot Silent Reciprocating “Ready To Go” packages come complete with Air Receiver, Refrigerated Dryer and Pre Filter in one integrated package.

Experience the renowned longevity and reliability of a Pilot Air system while enjoying minimal noise and clean dry air output – all in an integrated package

  • K Series Silent Reciprocating Air Compressor
  • Receiver mounted
  • TFD Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • FT Series industrial Pre Filter



    Model Piston Displacement Free Air Delivery Motor Size Max. Pressure Cylinders Noise Level Air Receiver Refrigerated Air Dryer Pre Filter
    L/Min CFM L/Min CFM KW Volt KPA (PSI) (Stages) d(B)a Litres Model Model
    K30SI RM-D 871.8 30.8 681 24.1 5.5 415 1000 160 2(2) 66 268 TFD10 FTP012
    K50SI RM-D 1120 39.6 888 31.3 7.5 415 1100 145 2(2) 68 268 TFD10 FTP012